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        About Join Computer and Control

Throughout the world companies have expanded their security by additional growth rather than original plan. Join Computer and Control was founded in 1995 in Hangzhou, China by Charles Chen who had a vision to be the partner of Computers, Communication and Controls by integrating all their products into one Software Management System.

In 2001 David West and Charles Chen opened the Australian offices of Join Computer and Control and released first real time VMS solution called JOINPRO. In 2006 Join Australia developed a totally local software version called Freedom Video Management System targeting Australian and other countries. In 2015 Join allocated the Freedom brand to Camvex and released its own VMS called Joinfinity. Join simultaneously released Joinfinity Video Monitoring Centre software.

Join utilises the strong base of JoinPro while being more user friendly with drag and drop features more suited to western markets. Thanks to Charles’ association with major Chinese hardware companies Joins software was developed interfacing to most of these companies hardware, creating a single seamless platform for customers. We continue to develop our products and our people’s capabilities and vision to serve the needs of this challenging and evolving industry.

We believe in service above all since our goal is to be our customers partner in business. We focus on our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver the desired products and services on time and on budget. Join continues to operate in Australia and to develop and expand its product offerings while expanding its business through global distributors.